Rental Conditions

  1. The tenant is responsible for the chalet - condo and its contents during the rental period. It also assumes the full responsibility of those to whom it provides access (hereinafter called "visitors"). It must inform all visitors of the obligations of this property and to ensure that all conduct themselves so as never to disturb the peace and the normal enjoyment of the premises by other residents of nearby buildings.

  2. All equipment breakage, spoilage, theft, cleaning supplement and other household will be deducted from the security deposit and any additional fee charged to the tenant. The tenant is also responsible for sewage and sink if clogged or damaged by his fault. The landlord reserves the right to be the final arbiter of claims and determine the amount to be repaid by the tenant. The landlord may deduct the amount of damage on the credit card of the tenant.

  3. The landlord is not responsible for damage, loss or theft in respect of personal effects of the tenant or visitors.

  4. It is forbidden to smoke (including cannabis) or let animals in the chalet - condo. Cleaning fee of $350 will be charged to the tenant if someone smokes or if an animal enters the chalet - condo. It is also forbidden to smoke cannabis outside of the chalet as well as anywhere on the property.

  5. Only two (2) cars can park in front of the chalet - condo; it is strictly forbidden to park elsewhere on the property. Motorized (VR), caravans or trailers are not allowed.

  6. The landlord does not guarantee or assume any liability for private or public services associated with the chalet - condo, like those of the municipality of St-Come, Ski Val St-Come Centre or public or private service providers (e.g. electricity, water, telephone and cellular data).

  7. The rental of the cottage preclude the use of some cabinets, a closet and a storage room that is reserved for the exclusive use of the landlord.

  8. The tenant is responsible for all consumables beyond the ones provided on their arrival. The use of the fireplace in the chalet - condo is permitted under the terms of use therein; The rental fee includes a moderate access to wood for the fireplace.

  9. Bedding is included in the rent but not the shower / bath towels. However, for weekly rentals or for longer periods, tenants are responsible for cleaning the bedding according to their needs (washer and dryer available).

The tenant agrees to:

  1. Comply with these rental conditions and to communicate them to the visitors.

  2. Limit to six (6) the number of people at any time in the chalet - condo.

  3. Take notice and to comply with the instructions set out in the chalet - condo that will help to understand the main features and requirements of the chalet - condo and communicate them to the visitors.

  4. Use the chalet - condo and its contents according to their intended use and in places where they are.

  5. Use the fireplace safely, never leave it unattended when lit and never empty the ashes.

  6. Notify the landlord as soon as there a fault or failure of the chalet - condo or its contents.

  7. Upon departure, leave the chalet - condo, places, land, furniture and accessories in the same condition as on arrival and at their original location (fees will be charged if the chalet - condo clean condition is unsatisfactory). Garbage must be placed in plastic bags and deposited before leaving in the outer black bin for this purpose.

  8. Lock doors and windows when the cottage is unattended and at departure at the end of the stay.

  9. Do not disclose the password to the chalet - condo. Fee of $100 will be charged to the tenant if the access code is disclosed to third parties.

  10. Allow access at all times to the landlord to inspect the premises and to carry out urgently needed work to maintain the condition of the chalet and what it contains.

Non-compliance of these conditions and commitments will result in immediate expulsion of the chalet, without refund. These rental conditions can be modified on occasion. It is the tenant's responsibility to make sure to read the most recent version at the time of making payment of the rent. This version is dated October 15, 2018.

NOTE: The English translation of this Website is for information purposes only and thus, the French version will be considered the only official version in case of discrepancy.